Sunday, November 29, 2009


My husband and I are the proud parents of an adorable, enegery filled bundle of trouble who is about to turn 1. He loves to explore, push buttons, listen to musc, read books, and eat dirt. Who doesn't really? In the year we have had little Maximoo (affectionately known as, of course) we have had every toy, gadget, fad - everyting we could reasonably afford - and some we couldn't. But we never felt like we had a real resource for information. So we have decided to start one.

Some background on us? We are two total video game nerds who hope that our son will one day invent the next Guitar Hero so we can retire in luxury. We are from opposite sides of the ocean but despite the geographical differences, appreciate a lot of the same things. We love sci-fi, horror movies, playing too many hours of video games (Call of Duty and Ratchet & Clank being the favorites at the moment), and video chatting with our internationally located families. I am a bookaholic and would note my two favorite series at the moment to be Game of Thrones and the Sookie Stackhouse books.

Maximoo, on the other hand - has his own set of favorites - Yo Gabba Gabba and Fresh Beat Band can hold his attention like nothing else (a fabulous distraction when changing a diaper - otherwise we end up with a handful of poo) , he loves his little ball pit which lives in the living room, his new Little People firetruck that he hasn't quite learned how to ride on, and any book - for this crazy energy ball, he can spend a very long time sitting and looking at pictures. Oh - he also likes to use his high chair as a walker. Who knew it was multi-functional?

We hope that this blog will be a resource for new and old parents alike as well as a place where other parents can share their opinions (or book or video game recommendations - we will take it all!) Hope you enjoy!

- Tali (aka BabyMomma)

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