Thursday, December 3, 2009


There are many things that I have thought I would like to write about on this blog. So many toys that worked out great and so many that were a bust. I don't know where to start. But with the holiday season coming up and, more importantly, our son's first birthday tomorrow (how has it been a year already) - I thought this would be the most relevant.

The Amazon Baby Registry (or Wish List).

It is absolutely heaven sent - for multiple reasons. When we first found out we were pregnant, we knew that there was a load of things we needed. Basically...we needed everything. On top of that, we literally had family all over the world. Nick's parents are in the UK, my family in Canada, friends and a baby shower here in the US. Initially, I set up a Toys R Us wishlist thinking - how easy to go to the store or online and always have your list with you. Unfortunately, Toys R Us was not only more expensive than amazon, but they also had less options, were more often sold out of the good options they had, and - and this was the real issue - you couldn't use it outside of the US. In order to use the baby registry you had to have a US address and credit card.

Hmmmm. Now that won't work for our international family members.

So we started a baby registry and it was AWESOME. Easy, efficient, stroed the address of people who sent gifts in the "Thank You" section which made life so much easier for thank you notes. Additionally, the Amazon selection is huge as they pull in options from all over the place and often include "marketplace sellers" who aren't amazon so you can do some comparitice price shopping.

Now that Max's first birthday has rolled around, I decided to keep the Baby Registry going and make that his wishlist for this birthday. Once he is a little older - he can even do his own little wishlist for his birthday. The prices are also phenominal at Amazon and often you can find a way to avoid paying shipping charges. No deals like that with the Toys R Us list we had originally.

So - in the end, the Amazon Baby Registry (or wishlist) is such a convenient and inexpensive way to make sure no one goes out and buys you something you just don't want! I LOVE it!

Now...I am off to enjoy the last few hours of being a mom of a less than 1 year old.....omg I'm the parent of a toddler!!

- Tali

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