Saturday, January 15, 2011

Back to the beginning...

One of my best friends it having a baby and I could not be more excited to her. We talk a lot about what she needs and doesn't need and what she wants and doesn't want and where to get what. It had me thinking about some of the things I used right at the beginning or the things we got that we have used regularly since Maximoo was born and I thought I would throw up a quick blog about some of our favorite classics!

Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo
Now this was one of our absolutely favorite forms of entertainment. It was a little devastating to all of us when Maximoo outgrew it and we had to acknowledge that it was going into storage. Maximoo starting using this as early as I could possibly get him in it. So as soon as he was holding his head up he was in the jumperoo. He was a little short for it at the beginning so we needed to put some books underneath him to give him a life and he IMMEDIATELY loved it. Now..when I say he loved it - it is no understatement. He could sit in it for ages and just stare at the characters. He couldnt' move himself around at the beginning so every time we moved him around, it was like a whole new adventure. He figured out the bouncing super quickly and loved that he could trigger the lights and music. He could stay in there for ages and he was never happy to get out. He would fall asleep in there and would be totally happy. Eventually we noticed that even on the tallest setting his little legs were far too long for it so we didn't put him in it anymore but he would still hold onto it as he toddled around the edges spinning and interacting with anything he could. It wasn't the greatest support when he was learning to walk but it was a definite enticement when it came to a focus point. So - I recommend a jumperoo. Not only did Maximoo love it but some of our favorite pictures are him in there because he was so unbelievably delighted with it. There are several brands that offer jumperoo's but we stuck with a Fisher-Price Rainforest theme (note: there are several Fisher-Price themes also)  for most of our stuff so we went with this one. I really liked the characters with that theme and I liked how easy-to-out together this jumperoo was and how washable the different parts were (although it did not go over well when we had to take it apart to wash the seat). At around the $75.00 mark this was also a great add to the registry! It comes highly recommended from the WHOLE family here!

BEST....INVENTION....EVER! The BABYBJORN was a lifesaver for us when Maximoo was born.When I was home on maternity leave it was super easy to throw the little guy in the BJORN and go for a walk around the neighborhood or grab a coffee or even just do some dishes. He was completely relaxed and happy in there and more often than not would just conk out when we walked around. It also allowed us to go out for meals. Those first few months, he would sleep through anything in the Bjorn so we could go out and grab a quick meal together in there and he was perfectly happy. All the zip up sweatshirts I had from the height of my pregnancy were big enough to zip up around the Bjorn so Maxmioo was always snuggly warm in there and we even maneuvered him so he could nurse the couple of times he was desperate or inconsolable. My only complaint about the Bjorn is that it does have a really low weight limit and it is only for wearing on your front, so once your little one gets above the 22 pound mark, you are done with it. By the time we realized how quickly that time went by, we were a little sad not to have an alternative so it is something to think about if you are looking at something that can be worn multiple ways. But we did love that Bjorn until it started to fall apart on us and still highly recommend it. It is a little daunting putting it on at first but once you get the hang of will be doing it one-handed so just give yourself a few tries to get used to it. We had the original version but there are multiple styles that each have different kinds of support. We were happy with the basic and got a ton of use out of it. It comes in around the $65.00 mark and there is a pretty huge price range for other carriers depending on what you are looking for (The Ergo also has great reviews but Maximoo never got used to it). 

We loved the Rainforest theme that Fisher-Price had so for the most part we stuck  with a lot of baby goodies following that theme but the reason we originally went with Fisher-Price is because it is a brand we both knew and trusted. I wanted to note that though everything I'm talking about it specific to that theme, Fisher-Price does have several super cute themes outside of this one. The high chair remains one of our favorite things. We started using it as early as we could and it was the perfect height for sitting on the couch and feeding Maximoo (we don't have a kitchen table - we are terrible parents) and we have since lowered the height so that Maximoo can easily climb in and out of it on his own. It has absolutely evolved into Maximoo favorite place to sit and eat or watch a cartoon or just relax. When he gets super tired, it is also one of his favorite places to sleep (we are stubbornly refusing to nap in bed these days). It is a great high chair that has multiple height settings, is easy to put together,is easy to put-away if need be,  is very washable, and is easy for Maximoo to get into himself. There is a five point seat belt for the first time users which can be changed into a regular  belt when they are a little older and it also comes with an interactive toy that can be snapped into the tray.There are also multiple recline settings (which is great now that Maximoo insists on sleeping in it) and two levels of draw (a top tray that can pop out and go into dishwasher). All in all - we have loved it since we got it and the Fisher-Price Rainforest Highchair continues to be one of our most used pieces of furniture. Coming in at the around $95 mark, this one has definitely earned its keep! 

I'm going to give this one a quick nod because it won't be for everyone. We have family all over the world - and for the most part no family where we actually live - so Maximoo is a well travelled little kid. He has already been in multiple countries, multiple cities, and moved three times. So, that being said, something super handy for us was a booster seat we could take with us everywhere. We love this seat. It is easy to throw on a chair anywhere, throw in a suitcase or a backpack, and just generally be a great travel companion. It is super light, super affordable at only $20, and easy to wash off after a meal. We have gotten a TON of use out of it and we continue to bring it with us wherever we go! 

This is just a few of the great products we have stay tuned for more updates and recommendations!

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